Ecuadorian child has new outlook on life after receiving treatment for rare condition at Stony Brook

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Ten-year-old Kevin Rosero has a new outlook on life, a new smile, confidence.

This is Kevin before he had life changing surgery. He was born with venous malformation, an abnormality that causes large blood vessels. The condition caused a large painful growth on his lower lip.

As Kevin grew, so did the lesion.

Even worse, the large growth stretched underneath the entire left side of his face, making it hard to talk, to eat. If it had continued to grow it could have blocked Kevin’s airway and caused him to stop breathing. If not treated, Rosero risked bleeding, blindness, or even death.

Kevin could not be treated in Ecuador where he’s from so he was rushed here to Stony Brook University for surgery courtesy of an organization called Blanca’s House.

It took nine months and at least eighth surgeries to get Kevin from this to this, while here he stayed with Sheila Campbell and her family.

Kevin has learned English and made so many friends here.  As a surprise, the Stony Brook men’s soccer team gave him a signed ball and invited him to sit on the bench during a game. Sports are something Kevin loves and now he can talk freely about it.

Kevin broke down a bit because next week he will return home to his family in Ecuador and leave his new friends.  But, he says he can’t wait to show off his new look.