Remembering the day before the September 11th attacks

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News headlines on September 10th 2001 sounded a lot like the ones you might hear today.

Just a few hours later, as terrorists attacked the Twin Towers, the world shifted its’ focus.

A tribute to those who lost their lives in the September 11th attacks, the “Beacon” memorial sits on the 69th street pier in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Just across the East River in Lower Manhattan, the Freedom Tower now scrapes the sky in the same spot where the Twin Towers once stood tall.

“You kind of miss the towers, I do. I mean every time I come down here and I look, it’s not the same, the skyline changed,” said William McAvoy from Bensonhurst.

Both the city and the world have changed from airport security and extra surveillance.

“We’re being watched everywhere we go now.  In our own country even though we got attacked here,” said Williamsburg resident Andy Chen.

To the words we use and the way we treat our neighbors, Chen goes on to say “I think back then we were more easy and outgoing with each other.  Everyone fit in well with the community.”

The September 10th world was a lot more lax than life after September 11th.

More than a decade later some New Yorkers say the initial 9/11 shock has subdued.

Many say life today is more like it was on September 10th 2001, than it was on September 11th.

Chris Atanasyan of Sheepshead Bay says everyday life for New Yorkers has not changed much and today we are a stronger community.

“I’d say that there are differences for many people’s lives of course who were affected by the terrorist attack, but as far as in everyday life for New Yorkers I’d say not a dramatic difference.  Just a little bit stronger, a little bit tougher than we already are,” said Atanasyan.

But others say the heightened awareness, even for New Yorkers, that now exists throughout the country is something that will never go away.

“We’re just prepared for anything now,” said Chen.

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