‘Within 24 hours, we have lost two monsters’: Famous kidnappers die in prison in same week

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NEW YORK (PIX11) –  Another infamous kidnapper and sexual predator died in prison this week.  This time, it was 64 year old, John Esposito, who pleaded guilty on Long Island twenty years ago to kidnapping nine-year old Katie Beers—and then holding her captive in an underground bunker for 17 days.

Esposito was discovered “unresponsive” in his cell at the upstate Sing Sing prison on Wednesday, just hours after he attended his fifth parole hearing.  He had already been turned down for parole four, previous times, after receiving a sentence of 15 years to life for kidnapping Beers.  In 1993, he had finally confessed to the crime, after cops swarmed his Bay Shore home for days, looking for the missing child.  Beers could see the detectives on “closed circuit” TV, from her cramped prison—seven feet below Esposito’s garage.  But the cops couldn’t hear her screams, because the coffin-like room was soundproofed.

Esposito’s death came a day after sadistic kidnapper, Ariel Castro, hung himself with a bedsheet in his Ohio prison cell.  Castro pleaded guilty just over a month ago to 937 counts of kidnapping and rape, after abducting three, different girls off Cleveland streets between 2002 and 2004.  One of the young women, Amanda Berry, escaped this past May and the other captives were discovered within minutes.  They’d been held a decade or more in Castro’s house of horrors, beaten and chained in deplorable conditions.

“Within 24 hours, we have lost two monsters,” Katie Beers—now 30—wrote on her Facebook page.  “Ariel Castro, who committed suicide, and John Esposito, who has died of unknown reasons.”

Beers wrote a book earlier this year and said the kidnapping actually saved her life, because she’d been neglected and abused the first, ten years of her life.  Her working mother often left her in the care of a troubled godmother and the woman’s husband, Sal.  Sal Inghelleri was convicted of sexually abusing Katie Beers and died in prison in 2009.

Beers, who graduated college and is married in Pennsylvania with two children, told PIX 11 back in January that she’d forgiven Esposito for what he’d done, “because John showed remorse and apologized.”

But when Esposito appeared before the parole board in previous years, he denied molesting Beers, and the board had always turned him down.

Beers wrote on Facebook: “I have to say I am not saddened by John’s passing.  I’m saddened for his remaining family.  They lost John a long time ago, but now they’ve lost him forever.”