Bus lane camera in NYC turned off after drivers complain

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NYC drivers are growing more and more familiar with cameras designed to catch speeders and red light runners.

Along Richmond Avenue in Staten Island, there’s a bus lane camera. There are a number of designated select bus routes that are being monitored by cameras in the city.

But this camera seems to be ticketing drivers who were technically not violating the law.

NYC Council Member Vincent Ignizio has been assisting drivers who received tickets. There’s a rule that drivers must make the next available turn after entering a bus lane.

In this case, the next turn is into a private drive, Ignizio says.

Drivers who were headed for the Staten Island Malls main entrance received tickets after entering the bus lane prior to the main intersection.

“Just as with cameras that deter dangerous speeding and red-light running, we do not discuss details about individual bus-lane camera locations,” a spokesman for the NYC DOT says.

“We are working with Council Member Ignizio and Borough President Molinaro to address concerns about camera enforcement while doing everything we can to ensure that Staten Island’s buses continue to get the red-carpet service that their passengers deserve.”

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