Brooklyn high school assistant principal accused of raping student in office

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progress high

A Brooklyn high school assistant principal allegedly raped a student he hired to work for him in his office and forced another student to perform oral sex on one of his colleagues, according to a report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation.

Commissioner Richard Condon says William Abreu, the assistant principal at Progress High School for Professional Careers in Williamsburg, hired a 17-year-old student to work in his office in the summer of 2009. The report says Abreu forcibly raped the girl in his office and also threatened to call immigration officials on her, as she was in the U.S. illegally. Abreu also stole $1,500 from the girl’s mother, promising to get an immigration attorney for her, according to the report.

Condon also alleges that Abreu forced a 16-year-old student to perform oral sex on colleague Juan Martinez, who runs an after school program at Progress High in 2011. Condon says the two told the younger student that having sex with them was “part of her job” and also asked the girl to have sex with people for money. Abreu allegedly told the student, “If you want to continue working here, you have to have sexual relations with me.”

Both students were asked to “dress sexy” and subjected to repeated sexual remarks.

Abreu has been suspended without pay since a June 2012 report alleging he made sexual comment to three 15-year-old female students. Condon recommends that Abreu be fired from the high school and that he and Martinez be barred from future employment with the Department of Education.

The case has been referred to the Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes.

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