Popular LA boutique in hot water for selling prescription drug t-shirts

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(PIX11) – Kitson, a popular boutique in Los Angeles, is facing backlash and possible lawsuits for selling t-shirts with the names of prescription drugs branded on the back.

The jersey-style shirts, created by designer Brian Lichtenberg, have “Xanax,” “Adderall,” and “Vicodin” on the back, names of prescription medication that are rampantly abused.

The store, which is a hotbed for celebrities and socialites in LA, said the shirts reflect a “trend” and that they have the support of their customers. Designer Lichtenberg addressed the controversy on Facebook, saying the $98 shirts “are not meant to encourage prescription drug abuse, but if they open the door to a much needed dialogue, as they seem to be doing now, then mission accomplished.”

Critics don’t seem to share Lichtenberg’s sentiment, with one woman commenting under the statement, “You obviously haven’t had a son or daughter die in your home from an overdose on prescription pills, as I have and the thousands of other parents have…why don’t you get a line in your store that actually promotes good choices, and try to make a difference in the world!”

Makers of the drugs are also taking aim at the shirts, threatening to sue for copyright infringement.

A representative for Adderall told TMZ, “We had no involvement NOR do we approve of the sale of such a product using Adderall to glorify the misuse of our product.” Vicodin reps also told the website that they “will be taking legal action to stop the clothing company from trying to sell such a product. The makers of Xanax may also be seeking legal action against the designer, according to TMZ.

As of Friday, an ad for the shirts on the Kitson website reads, “We will donate all the proceeds of this collection to a non-profit that assists those struggling with substance abuse.”


The original ad for the line read, “Just what the doctor ordered.”
Kitson has declined to comment on the possibility of lawsuits.

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