Losing steam in the polls, Christine Quinn encourages interns to MISS SCHOOL on primary day

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HARLEM (PIX11) – Like all candidates running for New York City Mayor, Christine Quinn stresses education. However, the exception appears be on primary day.

Quinn campaign operative Ross Adair recently sent an email to campaign interns that read as follows, “Thinking about election day: All interns who participate in Election Day will receive both a letter excusing them from class in addition to a letter of recommendation from the campaign and Chris.”

PIX11 News reporter Mike Gilliam caught up with Speaker Quinn Friday morning after the latest poll showed her in third place.

Quinn defended the request to skip class by couching the act of civic duty as educational, “We’re saying to folks if you want to do this, if this is something that you have been a part of for months and months and months, and you want to be here on the big day, we’ll help make that possible for you.”

By the way, the campaign was not only targeting collegiate interns. Quinn even referenced those students who are a year or two away from college,”Obviously if there is a high school student that wants to do that, we will work with them and their teacher, if that is something that their teacher thinks appropriate.”

PIX11 News reached out to the campaigns of Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson, the two candidates who now have Quinn in their rearview mirror. Both campaigns told me they are stressing education and not asking any interns to skip school.

However, Quinn does have fans of her proposal at Democracy Prep Public Schools.

The network of high performing free public charter schools was established in 2006. Their mission in the classroom is simple, “Democracy and how the government works for our kids.”

The charter schools now have eight campuses. All but one is in Harlem. The other is in Camden, New Jersey.

CEO Katie Duffy says that on primary day students from all grades will trade the classroom for the streets, where they will be pushing their own bi-partisan campaign called “I can’t vote but you can.”

Duffy who has been an integral part of Democracy Prep for eight years added, “Our scholars have been getting out the vote every primary day, every general election and reminding folks to hit the polls.”