Woman tries to pay hitman with stamp collection in failed Brooklyn plot

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Police arrested a woman in Brooklyn Thursday after an undercover investigator allegedly made a deal with her to kill her husband by running him over with a car.

In return, 57-year-old Elena Adams allegedly gave the undercover jewelry and a stamp collection valued at $60,000.  On Thursday, Adams met with officers inside of a car in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and laid out the plan, according to police.

She planned to have lunch with her husband on Sep. 1 at a restaurant near Ave. Z and East 11th St.  After they finished the meal, her plan was to cross Ave. Z at which point the alleged hitman would drive by and strike her husband, killing him.


Along with the stamp collection and jewelry, Adams also gave the officer a picture of her husband.

Police arrested Adams as soon as she stepped out of the car at Sheepshead Bay Road and East 1th St.  According to a police source, her husband was shocked to hear about the plot on his life.

She now faces charges of conspiracy and criminal solicitation.

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