NYers react to GOP mayoral debate as primaries near

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In Soho, voters kept their eyes on the GOP mayoral debate at the housing works bookshop. They sipped their coffee and listened intently.

Off the bat, the candidates addressed the controversial question of stop, question and frisk policies, but many of these voters didn’t seem satisfied.

“Kind of silly, they kept referring to their children and it didn’t seem like they were dealing with the issue as a whole especially the issue that hinges on race,” said Rick Dresdner.

“I don’t think they went into too much detail,” said Linda Simpson.

They came from all over to listen to what the candidates had to say. Many wanted to hear about affordable housing like, Linda Simpson, who said she was left homeless by hurricane sandy and is still struggling ten months later.

“Hopefully I’ll get some place soon..off the street,” said Simpson.

There was a  chuckle from the candidates when an unusual question of condoms came up. City council speaker and democratic mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn said we need better and bigger ones to prevent the spread of HIV and STD’s.

For many of voters at this viewing party, housing was their priority,.