Why Prospect Heights is a major battleground neighborhood for candidates

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – In the shadows of Brooklyn’s Grand Tower, there has been one neighborhood that has seen much change over the last four years.  When asked if it is an area that carries weight for the election, political consultant Andre Richardson had a stern one-word response, “Absolutely.”

It’s the neighborhood of Prospect Heights. A neighborhood that no longer houses 1-bedroom steals.  According to one real estate broker, the rental market has surged by approximately 40% since 2009.

Richardson attributes it to the changing demographics. It is data that he knows well.  In 2012, his company Paragon Strategies, helped fuel Congressman Hakeem Jeffries to victory. Richardson was the field director for the region.

Campaigns will say it’s not a battleground neighborhood, but yet they’ll admit they’re battling for every vote.  The changing demographics and extremely strong voter turnout in Prospect Heights is coveted by campaigns and it will be this way through a potential run-off.

PIX 11 News caught up with the the two mayoral candidates with deep Brooklyn ties who just happen to be the two closest to frontrunner Christine Quinn. When asked what they thought about the area they are both targeting, they praised the community, admit that the change has come at a price, “It’s a great community but at the same point we’re watching people continue to get pushed out and squeezed out of that neighborhood,” said Bill Thompson.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s take? “I think neighborhoods all over Brooklyn are changing,” moments later expressing the same sentiments as Thompson, “the price of housing keeps on going up.”