Bill de Blasio gets Interfaith Medical Center’s closure postponed

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Bill de Blasio is keeping Interfaith Medical Center on life support at least for now.

The mayoral candidate’s legal action has postponed the hospital’s closure for 16 days.

De Blasio took to federal court to argue that the Department of Health rushed to approve Interfaith’s closure plan without proper oversight.

“This additional time gives everyone a chance to look for a longtime solution.  In the case of Interfaith, there is a proposed restructuring on the table,” said De Blasio who added that this win, paves the way to save other struggling hospitals, namely Long Island College Hospital, which has been in shutdown mode for weeks.

“In the case of LICH, there are seven healthcare organizations who have expressed interest in coming and taking over facility.  So now for the first time all of the parties with our leadership coming together and having the actual tangible conversations that are needed to a find long-term plan,” said De Blasio.