Did Syria get chemical weapons from Iraq? – Larry Mendte

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As UN weapons inspectors continue their investigation into whether or not the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against its own people, the world braces for what the reaction might be.  If it is shown that chemical weapons were used, expect a UN backed military response, much like the one that ended the reign of Khadafi in Libya.

If chemical weapons were used, where did the Assad regime get them?  One answer very well could be Iraq.  In 1988 Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Kurds.  It is a weapon of mass destruction that the world knew, with no uncertainty, that Hussein’s government possessed.  And yet when we invaded Iraq, the chemical weapons were gone.  There were reports at the time that Iraq transported the chemical weapons to its neighboring ally.

Is Assad using the chemical weapons he got from Iraq?  If so, a mystery is solved.

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