College students drops off computer for repairs. So, where is it? Howard investigates

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Back in March  Queens student, Ramiro Hernandez,  says he took his MacBook Pro and his Play Station 3 into a Valley Stream repair shop for an estimate and he never saw it again!

“They told me they would give me a call back. I waited a few weeks.  I never got a call back. And they were just supposed to give me an estimate. Nothing ever happened.  So eventually I called them back and they said we were just waiting for you to call us back to give us the ok to fix the computer. But I said that’s find you guys never called me back for an estimate.”

Eventually, Computer Phone Repair, or CPR (get it?) gave Ramiro a 400 dollar estimate to fix the mother board and the keyboard.  Plus another $150 to fix whatever was wrong with his PS3.  But the fun was just beginning.

“I said ok that’s fine I waited a few more weeks.  They never gave me a call back. Every time I asked them to speak with somebody they said oh we gonna give you a call back within a day or two or with an hour or two to let you know an update.  Days go by. Weeks go by. It’s now been 5 months and I’ve never got no phone call from anybody never!”

So, Ramiro contacted me.  We went over to CPR.  It was not exactly confidence-inspiring.

Employee: “Both him and I started about a month ago. So the information we can provide you is unbelievably limited.”

Howard: “where’s the computer?”

Employee:  “I have no idea.”

So, I called the owner.

He called back and promptly rectified the situation.  He gave Ramiro a loaner computer and gave us an explanation.  Sort of.

“We had a miscommunication in our system. (Ramiro’s) phone number wasn’t updated because when we sent the computer out for storage it was a different system we put it in. So (Ramiro’s) new number wasn’t in that system and every time they looked in tried to call you the number was disconnected or doesn’t go through…”

In any case, the owner was a man of his word and got Ramiro’s computer and PlayStation fixed FREE OF CHARGE. And Ramiro is a happy college student again.

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