VMAs hype gets mixed reaction among Brooklyn’s hippest crowds

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COBBLE HILL, BROOKLYN (PIX11) – They flocked by the thousands to Barclays Center for the first ever VMA celebration in Brooklyn.

But some stargazers were heartbroken when their hopes of catching a quick glimpse of one of their favorite celebrities were stopped about a block short by security.

“I have no problem with it, I would just like to get in right about now,” said Brooklynite Diane Whitson.

In the streets, cars crawled passed the stadium as traffic cops tried to point everyone in the right direction without an accident.

But those who live in the neighborhood say they’ve come to expect the tie ups every time the stadium hosts a special event.

“It was bad before the stadium came, but since they redirected some of the streets traffic is terrible,” said Dee Farley.

Further away from the action, Brooklyn bar Last Exit prepared for its anti-VMAs party. Protesting not just the event, but a change in philosophy that led the music station away from its roots.

“We’re all from the era where MTV had music videos, it was music television and so we want to honor that MTV,” said bartender Jaime Fallon.

Fallon will shake up some special drinks for the occasion including the “Moon Man Martini” and the “Sweet TRL.” They’ll even have a special Justin Bieber dartboard.

And here at Last Exit’s anti-VMAs party, they say they’ll do exactly what MTV set out to do years ago and play actual music videos on a massive projection screen.

And in the future she says hopefully the VMAs won’t be the first time most music fans see the videos that go with their favorite songs.



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