Commuter safety concerns increase after three people are shot on PATH train

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Jersey City, NEW JERSEY (PIX11)– Three people were shot on Sunday morning while on a moving PATH train.

Shots rang out around 5:30 a.m. on a passenger train pulling into the Pavonia station. A witness says the incident started when a man bumped into a woman and was confronted by her brother.

The incident escalated when the man pulled a gun a shot the woman and her brother.  The woman was hit in the ankle and the brother was shot in the leg. The brother/victim then pulled a gun on the gunman and fired back.

The gunmen and commuters then spilled out onto the platform as shots continued to be fired.

Witnesses say people were trying to avoid being hit by flying bullets.

As a result of the shooting, PATH train service was temporarily suspended between Journal Square and Hoboken.

The woman and her brother are expected to be ok, the severity of the injuries of the other gunman are unknown.

The pair are in police custody. They had two small children with them at the time of the arrest, the children are now with a child protective service agency.

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    Let's see here … on a PATH train heading from Manhattan to N.J. At 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. One suspect a resident of … "East Orange, N.J." Scuffle based on one person bumping into another (woman), the woman getting "loud", one person pulling out a gun and shooting the woman, then, the woman's brother pulling out his gun. All 3 shot in the shooting back-and-forth: ankle, hand, leg.

    Huh. All packing and all getting loud.

    Maybe these were white bankers / financial types returning home from Manhattan … to … "East Orange" … after a night on the town? White college students? White people who work and have jobs and pay taxes?

    Huh. Who knows. Just a big, big mystery that no one will ever, ever solve. Enjoy your PATH commute!

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