[SOLVED] Help Me Howard and the case of the vanishing mail box

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Sometimes all it takes is a phone call.

A few days ago we told you about the problem the folks were having at Vision Services for the Blind apartment building down on 23rd Street in Manhattan. For years there was a mailbox right outside the building.  More than a month ago it was removed without notice.  That meant the blind and disabled people living in the building had to go across busy streets to get to another box.

“We’re fighting to get the mailbox put back. They took it away for no reason at all,” our friend Flo Fox, a well-known photographer told us. Flo is the one who asked us to help get it back.

A mail carrier who happened by when I was on the scene, sympathized with the effort.

“What happened to the mailbox that was right here?” I asked him. “That’s what I’d like to know!” was the response.

“Why did they move it?”

“I have no idea but I know these people need it. And need it badly.”

He told me the mailbox was there for the 28 years this has been his territory and wished us good luck.

So, last Monday we got in touch with the US Postal Service.  And the folks there really made things happen. The very next morning, a new mailbox was installed.

The Post Office says the box removal is part of a city-wide refurbishing program. It was always going to be replaced.

Flo and other residents are happy.

“Oh it took a lot of phone calls until I called you,” Flo was nice enough to tell me. “And so many people want to thank you…isn’t it wonderful?”

We’re very glad to help. This was a real special delivery.

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