Ben Affleck to play Batman in Superman sequel and the Internet is NOT pleased

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Ben Affleck Batman Thumb

(PIX11) — Ben Affleck will replace Christian Bale in the Batman-Superman movie for 2015 — and fans are not happy.

Since Affleck was announced as the franchise’s newest Batman, people all over the world have been buzzing about the injustice — leaving critical comments on Batman and Warner Bro.’s Facebook pages, outcries on twitter, and even a “mass suicide event.”

Batman Ben Affleck Suicide

Twitter was a turbulent sea of approval and vitriol, perhaps appropriate considering that Affleck’s movies exist on a very wide spectrum.  For example, “Good Will Hunting” was excellent, as was “The Town”, while “Gigli” with Jennifer Lopez was possibly one of the worst movies ever made.

There’s even a petition on to remove Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

But is this really a surprise? The story of Batman is so universally loved, and has been done so well in the past.

No matter who is cast as Bruce Wayne, he’s got enormous shoes to fill.

After all, let’s remember to the public’s reaction when Heath Ledger was cast as the joker …


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