Author of “Exposed: the Secret Life of Jodi Arias” reveals the truth about the trial

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(PIX11) — Jane Velez-Mitchell, a reporter who covered the Jodi Arias trial, goes in depth about Arias’ mental decline and the truth behind the tragic death of Travis Alexander.

Velez-Mitchell talks about her experience as a journalist covering the Jodi Arias trial, and what she discovered about the couple and their respective families along the way.

Arias’ boyfriend, Travis Alexander, was described by friends and family as a environmentally conscious animal lover and not the sicko Arias described him as.

Velez-Mitchell reveals Arias’ past, including the development of her paranoia and a possible mental break as she seems to have borderline personality disorder. However, Arias seems to have a normal understanding of right and wrong.

Arias will be retried on life and death soon, and based on her previous history at the stand, the retrial may be as lengthy as the original.

Velez-Mitchell’s book is dedicated to Travis and his family. A portion of proceeds will go to a memorial fund in his memory, and to animal rights causes he supported.

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