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WATCH IT: sinkhole in Louisiana SWALLOWS a dozen full grown trees in seconds

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(PIX11) — A video of a Louisiana sinkhole went viral on reddit as thousands of people watched a dozen mature trees just seemingly disappear to sink into the water.

The video was filmed on Wednesday in the Assumption Parish in Southern Louisiana.

According to the Advocate, this sinkhole has been growing since this time last year, after a salt dome failure deep underground.

Sinkhole swallows tree

The massive sinkhole swallowed trees, land, and water after it ‘burped’. It was first discovered in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou in June, 2012. (Image/AP Video)

Geologists say that the sinkhole’s growth may take years to settle in shape and size. It is now almost 25 acres and in some areas, hundreds of feet deep.

Witnesses say that the area had been dormant for a while when the branches on the trees started shaking and the cameraman grabbed his camera.

This is something you’ve got to see for yourself — you won’t believe your eyes!

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