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‘Ramen burger’: NYC’s next big food craze?

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(PIX11) — Last weekend, the “ramen burger” melted hearts at its debut at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, and soon enough the foodies of the city were buzzing with praise. Now the ingenious creators plan to open a restaurant.

Creator Keizo Shimamoto only made 150 of his gourmet burgers for the Smorgasburg, which, needless to say, sold out faster than you could say “itadakimasu!”

The burger is placed on two bunches of fried ramen noodles instead of a bun. The patty is marinated with a Japanese-style “secret sauce” and topped with some chopped scallions.

Shimamoto plans to open his own ramen restaurant and the reactions have been positive so far: many waited in the rain for hours for one of these sweet, sweet burgers.

But critics say anything will taste delicious after a two hour wait, plus all the hype from word of mouth and social media.

Following the cronut, the ramen burger has enamored NYC:

Even upscale restaurants across the pond in England are catching onto the trend.

So will the “ramen burger” be the next big food craze in New York City? Only time will tell.

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