NO WAY! New Yorkers voted RUDEST, most arrogant people in the country

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(PIX11) – Are you really surprised?

According to a new Business Insider poll, New York is home to the RUDEST and most arrogant people in the entire country.

In a survey of about 1,600 Americans, the Empire State (not) shockingly received a whopping 44% of the vote as the rudest place in the U.S.

New Yorkers also took home the superlative of most arrogant, according to 39% of the people polled.

“I think we’re fast-paced, which sometimes is perceived as bad,” one woman told PIX11.

So which state is nicest?

Georgia is home to the sweetest, most polite people according to the poll, followed by Minnesota.

The survey also polled which state has the hottest people (California) and the ugliest (it was a battle among Southern states, with Alabama in the lead).

We demand a recount.


  • carol miller

    I have to agree we are rough on the outside. On the inside we are a bunch of softies. As a born and raised new yorker I believe what makes us arrogant is the way of life. Over crowding in nyc, diverse personalities and having to adapt to the fast pace lifestyle. In addition you always have to have your guard up because with a higher population means higher crime so you cant. Trust anyone at first so we put a wall up. If anyone was hurt or bleeding in the street we would be the first ones to the scence. Take 911 for example in a time of need and despair we all came together as one. I love my nyc and would never consider it to be a negative!

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