Careful! Green cab imposters are now working the NYC streets

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(PIX11) — The Taxi and Limousine Commission has issued about 1800 permits for green taxis, but right now, only 24 are on the road.
Meaning, if you’re seeing a lot of apple green color on the streets, there’s a good chance some of those are impostors.

Since the early 1900’s, yellow cabs have become an icon of New York City, dominating roadways, and traffic jams.
But, in the past few weeks, the yellow cab has found a counterpart in the outer boroughs — the apple green cab.

“A lot more accessible for the people in the street who can use the car,” said Freddie Quezada the president of Ultra Radio Dispatch Service on 165th street in the Bronx.

He says this past week green cabs became the newest choice among drivers, like Anderson Gutierrez, a veteran cab driver who recently joined the green team.

“We’re going to operate in uptown Manhattan and the Bronx from 103 street, up.”

But they aren’t the only crew operating in this area while sporting some green. The Taxi and Limousine Commission recently found several other cabs, also painted bright color, posing as legitimate drivers when they are in fact, anything but that.

“You see people who aren’t taxis, pulling over to pick you up off the street,” said David Yassky, the City’s Taxi Commissioner, who met with PIX11 to talk about the newest scammers in the business. Those who pretend to be green cab drivers outside of Manhattan, but don’t actually have a TLC license, like the one found on Gutierrez’s car.

“We don’t want to see customers get into a phony taxi where you don’t know who the driver is or don’t know if they have the right insurance,” Yassky said.

So here’s what you need to look for in each green cab:
-Credit machines
-and Proper permits from the TLC.

Without those, you’re sitting in a random green car, as a scammer takes your money and time.


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