Civic Virtue statue restored after latest move from Queens to Brooklyn

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For almost a century, this statue has had a reputation for getting around.

And he looks much better than he has in years.

The “Triumph of Civic Virtue” stands officially restored on the grounds of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. In December, the statue was moved from Queensboro Hall.

The former site remains empty as of June 2014.

Green-Wood Cemetery is the final resting place of sculptor Frederick MacMonnie’s relatives. Rich Moylan, the cemetery president, says the city paid about $50,000 to restore the statue and also other city funds paid for a special case to transport it. The cemetery paid for the actual move from Queens. The restoration was completed earlier in the summer.

It is on a long-term lease to the cemetery.

Some neighbors are asking a judge to review the decision to move the statue. Queens neighbor Jon Torodash says the borough of Queens was robbed of the statue.

The statue was placed in Manhattan outside City Hall in the 1920s. In the early 19040s, Mayor LaGuardia sent the statue to Queens because he reportedly did not enjoy the view of the statue’s backside, which faced City Hall.

Since the statue was first erected, it has provoked controversy. The statue is described as showing government overcoming the temptations of vice and corruption, which are represented as mythical sirens. However, some believe the statue depicts a man standing on two women’s backs.

The city tried to keep pigeons in Queens from hanging out on the statue by installing a noise alarm on the grounds of Queensboro Hall. It emitted hawk-like sounds which were meant to scare the pigeons.


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