Who would take away a mailbox for the blind? Howard investigates

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Sometimes I just don’t get it.  People make decisions that seem to make absolutely no sense.

For years there’s been a mailbox in front of the Vision Services for the Blind apartment building on 23rd Street.  And with good reason.  Dozens and dozens of blind and disabled people live here.  They need a mailbox close by.

But a few weeks ago we heard from Flo Fox, a well-known photographer who lives here.  She told us that suddenly, the mailbox was removed.  She couldn’t get a straight answer when she inquired at the main Post Office. So she contacted me for help.

“They took it away for no reason at all,” Flo told me. Now it’s dangerous for blind and disabled people to get to the next closest box. “We have to cross a double street. Two way traffic on Sixth Avenue, down the block, cross the street. Or Seventh Avenue, two way traffic and another street of two way traffic.”

Even the mail carrier who came by while I was speaking to Flo and other residents can’t understand what’s going on.

“What happened to the mailbox that was right here?” I asked. That’s what I’d like to know,” he responded. So I told him, “We’re gonna try to get it put back.”  “Oh, do that!” said the mail carrier.

We’re in touch with the USPS to try to get the mailbox replaced.  We should have more on this soon.

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