Connecticut residents call 911 after cable outage during ‘Breaking Bad’

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(PIX11) – Some Cablevision users in Connecticut called 911 on Sunday evening to complain about an emergency involving their television sets.

Fairfield residents experienced cable outages during Sunday night’s 9 p.m. prime time slot and, if Facebook comments are any sign, most of the emergency calls came from people watching ‘Breaking Bad.’

“Yes, this was a huge misuse of 911,” one commenter wrote, “but privately, I think it was kind. Of. Awesome. Tonight’s breaking bad was super intense and Very riveting by every second. Obviously these folks were not thinking rationally when reaching for the phone.”

However, Fairfield Police Department didn’t appreciate the influx of non-emergency calls and posted on its Facebook page in response to it. The message read:

“We are receiving numerous 911 calls regarding the Cablevison outage. This is neither an emergency or a police related concern. Please direct your inquiries to Cablevision. 911 should only be called for Life Threatening Emergencies ONLY. Incidents that are not of an emergency nature may be reported to the Fairfield Police Department. … Misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest.”

According to Cablevision, the problem stemmed from a commercial power failure in its Norwalk facility and restored service at around 11 p.m.

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