Healthy hints for packing back to school lunches

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(PIX11) – Whats’ for lunch?

The Nutrition Twins, Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos, shared some helpful hints for making school lunches for kids.

With 11 days remaining until school starts, it’s important to kick off the year with a healthy start.

Unhealthy school lunches can cause many  problems for kids including obesity, mood swings and tantrums.

The twins suggested some low-fat healthy snacks for parents when food shopping.

Sugary beverages, candy bars and Doritos are among the forbidden foes when it comes to selections.

Foods like pistachios, veggies, lean proteins, and high quality carbs are your dream team.

For healthy beverage choices,  a new product called Vita Coco Kids , which comes in three flavors, has less sugar than a normal juice drink and is only 35 calories.

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