A look back at some of 1950s acclaimed photographer Roy Schatt’s work

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During the 1950s, acclaimed photographer Roy Schatt lived in midtown, where he captured photos of some of the most iconic stars of all time, including: Steve McQueen,  blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe and TV screen legend James Dean.


Famous director Lee Strasberg recognized Schatt’s talent and gave him permission to shoot in the Actor’s Studio in New York.

Roy Schatt photographer

Schatt’s widow, Elaine Schatt, 85, shared her priceless collection, which has not been appraised. She prefers to keep it in the family.

“Those were the days,” said Elaine Schatt. “I  mean wouldn’t you have loved to live at that time?”

Many photographers of the time had studios, but what makes Roy Schatt’s studio unique was his living room.

Schatt’s living room is still very much alive with the preservation of memories and his most precious photos.

Schatt’s widow reflects on her late husband’s memorable moments.

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