Sign of the times? NYC mayoral candidates focus on outer boroughs

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(NEW YORK CITY) – As primary day inches closer, there has been a constant theme in the Democratic polls throughout the stump.

In fact, it’s a theme that may ultimately rewrite the history books.

It’s a trend that presented itself ever since Anthony Weiner entered the stump, one of the top two candidates in the polls has deep outer borough ties.

“We haven’t had a Mayor from Brooklyn or Queens in forever and I think that the time is right,” Weiner said to PIX 11 News after speaking at a senior center in the Rockaways.

Weiner, who until recently spent most of his life in Queens and Brooklyn was the first to make the ascent to the top of the polls.

There were many factors as to why but arguably the most pivotal was his outreach to the approximate 6.5-millions residents Weiner says aren’t being listened to, “I think there is this general consensus in New York that a lot of people have been left out of the conversation in the city and there is the sense that when Mike Bloomberg lays his head down at night he thinks of the beautiful skyline of Manhattan.”

New York City Public Advocate and former councilman Bill de Blasio has called Brooklyn home for more than 20 years.  In recent month he has been in the headlines for several high profile battles against the city and state involving the concerns of outer borough residents. Which is why he is not at all surprised to find himself in the lead with less than a month til primary day, “I think that is one of the factors that is starting to change this election. The outer borough people are speaking up and are starting to declare their preferences and as a Brooklynite it does not surprise me one bit that that is showing up in the polls and we are gaining support because want to see some fairness again at City Hall,” de Blasio said to PIX 11 News in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall.

A look at the top five candidates for Mayor on the Democratic side shows current ties to Manhhattan for Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, and Weiner. It should be noted that Thompson has personal and political roots in Brooklyn while Weiner served voters in Brooklyn and Queens in Congress prior to the aforementioned move to Manhattan less than two years ago.  However, it’s DeBlasio and John Liu who are the only candidates currently living in outer boroughs.

Now it should come as no surprise that DeBlasio and Weiner were in the outer boroughs on this day campaigning in downtown Brooklyn and in the Rockaways. This of course is by design and it appears to resonate with those voters outside of Manhattan.

Voters like Nina Speorn and Tim Smith who conveyed the major challenges and differences, “In outer boroughs they can’t afford to live in NYC, they usually have to send their kids to public schools, there are less private schools, they have to commute into the city do they have to deal with trains, and buses and public transportation,” said Speorn, while Smith added, “We think of New York City as Manhattan, but New York City is Queens, and Brooklyn, and Staten Island and so somebody who is just in Manhattan I think has a very myopic view of what goes on in the rest of the city.”