She needed help getting back her rental security deposit, so she called Howard

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Reina Meiki feels someone took advantage of her.  The Japanese college student has only been in the United States for a little more than a year She thought she’d found a good deal on Craig’s list for an apartment in Brooklyn. Then she got the message: welcome to New York’s real estate world.

After Reina had signed the deal and forked over $800 for her deposit, she was told she had to pay another $400 fee.  She didn’t have it.

Howard: “Did she explain why you have to pay the extra fee?”

Reina: “No, she said the boss told her…and she said the deposit was not refundable.  And I told her I did not know about the $400 fee. It is not fair. She said she doesn’t want to pay me back. She told me I have to talk to her boss.”

The boss was a guy named Nathan.

Reina had an attorney, Jerald Kreppel, on another matter. So he tried to help her out on this.

“I wrote a letter to the  Stonehouse Management requesting a return of her deposit because they changed the terms of the agreement after she gave the money, “Jerald Kreppel told me when we sat down in his office. “So we requested either they honor the original agreement:, one month’s rent, one month’s security and give her a lease or else give her back her money.”

The key seemed to be finding Nathan.  I took Reina and her attorney on a little search.  It seems I succeeded in getting a message to Nathan.  He agreed to refund the $800, as long as the meeting was with just with Jerald and Reina.  He showed up at the designated street location with the money. But Jerald Kreppel insisted he also pay $205 in court costs incurred.

Nathan refused. Jerald served him with a summons. Nathan tossed it in the trash.  And Jerald’s last words were “See you in court, Nathan.”  Take a look at the video to see this for yourself.

Sometimes my hard work just isn’t good enough.

We’ll try to stick with this and let you know how it plays out.