Possible record lows before beautiful August weather sets in

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With clear skies and calmer winds tonight, temperatures will be able to tumble down to around 60 degrees for the city. Some of our suburbs north and west of city along with the Pine Barrens in Long Island may go down into the 40s as well. A few record lows may be set by daybreak tomorrow morning.

The rest of the work week will be nice with plenty of sunshine and low humidity as high pressure is in full control. Highs will be around 80 degrees. The only concern will be the high pollen count with ragweed season in full force.

All eyes are now in the tropics. The Hurricane Center is monitoring two tropical waves that have a high probabilty to form at least a tropical depression by tomorrow morning.


One storm is brewing in the Western Carribbean and is expected to make landfall on the Yucatan Penninsula by tomorrow. As the storm heads into the Gulf of Mexico, the system will go into an area unfavorable for further development due to high levels of wind shear aloft. In terms of the storm track, the models are disagreeing on where it wants to go. One set of models have northerly track where it may affect the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Another set of model have a more westerly track that could lead toward a Mexican landfall. Confidence is very low at this point but nonetheless, all areas along the Gulf Coast should monitior the storm.

Another system which has moved just off the African Coast is mainly a maritime interest for now. It may not affect any land areas until for another five to seven days.

If these tropical waves form into a tropical storm or hurricane, the names would be Erin and Fernand (pronouned fair-NAHN).