Mayoral candidate John Liu wants to legalize pot in NYC

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“We propose to curb the significant damage to society by legalizing and regulating the sale of marijuana in New York City,”

A proposition Comptroller John Lie says has less to do with the mayoral race, and more to do with a current system that needs an overhaul.

“There’s still a lot of opposition,” Gabriel Sayegh, the State Director of the Drug Police Alliance said as he met to talk with us about this growing national debate.

“There’s a lot of people using marijuana all over the country and here in NY. when they do so, they’re purchasing it illegally which means we don’t get any of those tax revenues.”

Tax revenue is what Wednesday’s press conference focuses around, and what a new report brings to the forefront of this on-going issue.

New York City is shown to have a 1.6 billion dollar pot dealing market. And similar to other states who have legalized it, if 20 percent of that was taxed, it would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in extra cash to the state.

“It’s go to move through the State Legislature as a proposal, it’s got to be passed by the Assembly and the Senate. Then it would have to be signed by the governor,” Sayegh said.