Students forced to retake their English Regents after their original tests FELL OUT OF A TRUCK

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PIX11) — Seventy-five unlucky students were forced to retake their English state tests Tuesday after the original exams fell out of a truck earlier this year.

The juniors at Chelsea’s Career and Technical Education High School were forced to take the tests again because on Tuesday because the company that scores the test, McGraw-Hill, lost the original answer booklets. Officials say those missing tests fell off the back of a truck.

“We were told that the test booklets were on a truck, somehow the boxes of tests fell out,” said Jan Scott, their English teacher. “Some they recovered, but not ours.”


And this isn’t the first time McGraw-Hill botched results for the Regents this year.

In June, McGraw-Hill was unable to scan students’ answers and could not score them on time. Students were able to attend graduation but couldn’t immediately receive their diplomas.

Teachers were also affected – they were expected to stay an additional three days to grade because of the fiasco.

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