On a day with extremely low turnout, Newark mayor Cory Booker triumphs in special primary

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NEWARK (PIX11) – Cory Bookers supporters Tursday night were saying, “Goodbye mayor, hello Senator.”

It’s true… almost.

Newark’s Mayor still has to get past Steve Lonegan in the October 16th special general election.

As for the primary?  Well if this was a boxing match, Booker earned his title shot with a first round TKO.

Booker overwhelmingly defeated primary opponent Frank Pallone Jr. in a primary that many critics questioned as to why the state even held it. The reasons for the criticism, cost and the turnout, which some like Gloria Gwizdz described as a, “failure.”

The Board of Elections worker take of the turnout — – or more appropriately the lack of one is that this was a race that never got traction.

This was evident by the absence of campaign signs on lawns, no lines at the polls, and by the fact that this democratic primary was essentially over before it started, “Is there anything to vote for? Do we have a choice? said Gwizdz.

When she was reminded that there were a couple of candidates, “Oh yeah there are a couple of guys. Well you know who is going to win, so I don’t even know why we’re bothering.”

It’s no bother to Booker, a win is a win. Now there is one more to focus on.  In fact it may ultimately yield his greatest victory.

A victory that could take him from Newark to Washington D.C. and earn him the right to do it all over again next year, only as a U.S. Senator.