Rockland County cleaning up after ‘crazy and quick’ storm rips through the region, but was it a tornado?

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HAVERSTRAW (PIX11) — The cleanup is under way in Rockland County after a strong storm ripped through the area causing a lot of damage. Crews have been out surveying the damage and working on downed tree limbs that have fallen on power lines.

Some thought it had to be a tornado, but so far the National Weather Service has not determined that.  Crews were working to restore power to about 60 homes.

The storm hit quickly and with a lot of force, knocking down decades-old trees. Some homes had their roofs ripped off while the owners huddled inside.

In Haverstraw Christine Jone’s roof ended up in her next door neighbor’s yard on Halgren Cresent. ” It was just crazy and quick as it happened , I’d say maybe 10 seconds and it was gone,  And by then my roof was in her yard. ”

Residents say there was a lot of rain and debris flying  around the neighborhood. “We’ve been here 50 years and never seen anything like this before.” said resident Bruce McIntyre.

The storm didn’t last long but did a lot of damage.

Roberto Gorritz had his fence wrecked.

“I looked out and there was all kinds of wind.  You couldn’t see more than 5 feet in front of you.” Gorritz said. ” And it was very dark and very fast wind.  It was a matter of 10 seconds, 15 seconds and it all passed through.”

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