Anthony Weiner MOCKS British reporter’s accent — as he dips even LOWER in the polls

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(PIX11) – There’s been a noticeable shift in Anthony Weiner’s demeanor on the campaign trail.

No longer in the eye of the sexting store, he seems to be back to his old self — at least the Anthony Weiner the New York Media has known for years.

Yes. He said it. Anthony Weiner, expressing difficulty in taking a British TV reporter seriously, following his own descent in one of the most remarkable political implosions on record.

And it did not end there, as Weiner mocked the reporter’s accent.


This may not be a Monty Python Skit.

But there’s certainly no small amount of irony in Weiner. At this point in his campaign, he is still taking risks with comments he chooses to make.



  • Mj56163

    It wasn't a policitcal interview it was a some no name tv reporter . I'm sorry but is this the way we are we can't joke , we can't have fun . This wasnt not about his campaign ppl . Also wat is wrong with with being positive about his win . Have u ever heard of positive affirmations . What do u want him to do say he's gonna lose . Ppl have taken this way too far . What about all the other politicians who has cheated .please ppl the running ppl in the ground over their personal life whether its a politician or not has got to stop . Especially since 90% are out there in sexting scandals themselves

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