New study shows Twitter use may boost TV viewership

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(PIX11) – Two hours of of man-eating sharks swirling in tornadoes is the basic premiss of “Sharknado.”

For all of its wonder and bad dialog glory, Sharknado sparked one of the biggest crazes in the social media world, specifically, Twitter.

“I love making corny jokes, especially about the movie on Twitter,” Tweeter Jeremy Perez said.

It’s tweeters like Jeremy that have helped change the way we watch TV. At least according to a new study by Nielsen.

“Revolutions start on Twitter. Twitter is a way to light a match and see what happens,” Eric Yaverbaum, social media expert said.

We sat down with Eric to talk about the Nielsen study, and how its findings show that Tweets have an influence to higher TV ratings.

“The fact that there’s a direct correlation between ratings and what people are saying in all the social mediums, well, it’s not surprising.. you’re going to see more and more and more of it.”

But what is surprising is that it’s taken about seven years for a study like this to come out, since Twitter was first created.

And all of this Twitter chatter has not only made Sharkado a cult classic, it has also changed the way Nielsen plans to document ratings. The company announced a new ratings system will soon be released.