More ammunition for Bloomberg? Out-of-state guns leading to deaths on NYC streets

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There’s more evidence this morning that guns bought legally in other states are leading to death on the streets of the city and it gives the Mayor more ammunition in his battle to get guns laws tightened nationally.

The bloody gun cops say 14-year-old Bronx gang-banger Shaaliver Douse was firing when he was shot and killed by a rookie cop Sunday morning was bought legally in Kentucky. He fired four rounds from a black Astra pistol while chasing a man down the street and cops say one of those rounds may have been fired at police.

But the gun never should have been on the streets of New York and in Douse’s hands. It was purchased in 1999 in a Kentucky Gun shop, never reported stolen and somehow made its way into the city. Exactly the problem the mayor outlined just a week ago.

“Despite our best efforts, in the months ahead more New Yorkers will be murdered, maimed or victimized in other ways by criminals armed with illegal guns,” Bloomberg said.  “We are increasingly at the mercy of weak national gun laws and weak gun laws in other states.”

Douse has been arrested twice in gun related incidents in the past.

In May, cops say he shot a 15 -year-old in the shoulder but the gun was not recovered and prosecutors say witnesses refused to cooperate because they didn’t want to snitch. He was due in court later this month after being arrested for carrying a loaded gun in October.

That 32-caliber revolver has been traced to Ohio, which is 7th on the list of the top ten states guns have been traced back to after being recovered in the city.

In 2011, one hundred guns from Ohio were taken off city streets. Virginia led the way with 322 guns taken off the streets of the five boroughs.