Bloomberg expected to take heat for anticipated drop in NYC test scores

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State standardized tests results are coming out this morning and school officials are expecting a huge drop in the scores.  And the Mayor is expected to take some heat over the issue.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would fix the schools but to parents this may look like he’s failed.  Educators think scores will be much lower than in previous years. The tests that students in grades 3 to 8 took last spring changed. These tests were the first to be aligned with more rigorous learning standards called Common Core designed to better prepare students for college and the real work world.  Because the tests are tougher most people expect the results to be lower.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says the news isn’t all bad.

“We’ve been very clear and consistent getting our message out to the public and we think its important that the people receive this for what it is, new tougher tests to meet a new standard to make sure our children are college and career ready and high school is not enough,” Walcott said.

“These tests will say high school is not enough.”

Yesterday U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan also said parents shouldn’t be too alarmed if the test results drop because they give a clearer picture of where kids are on the trajectory to college. They have dropped in other states that have adopted the new tougher standards.

The tests have traditionally been used to measure student and school performance.  Now they are even more important because they are part of teacher and principal evaluations and could cost people their jobs.
Meanwhile parents planned to rally at the Department of Education against the misuse of test results.  They say it’s wrong to base promotions and school closings on test results.