With possible lifetime ban looming, A-Rod says he’s ‘ready to play for 5 more years’

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TRENTON, NEW JERSEY (PIX11) – Before the first pitch was thrown out fans wasted no time in showing their true feelings on Alex Rodriguez and his alleged use of P.E.D’s.  But for Lucas Simms and Marchello Delle Grocci  these little league teammates  were living  a dream getting an autographed ball from their favorite player who they believe deserves a second chance.

“It makes me sad he did steroids, he should be punished but not for life,” one young fan said.

But  A-Rod doesn’t think he deserves a suspension and is going down swinging figurative and literally after belting out a two run homer last night A-Rod maintains there is a conspiracy to get him out of baseball, the conspirators the NY Yankees.

“All the players believe PED’s should be banned, but there are a lot of things going on like the Yankees trying to void my contract, that’s not good for me or any of the players”.

The 38-year-old is coming off hip surgery and a strained quadriceps muscle but after going one for two with a HR and two RBI Friday night he feels he can help the Yankees win not only now but in years to come.

“My body feels good.  The more time I get away from my surgery the more productive I am. I am ready to play five more years”.

And that is the point of contention he has four and a half years left  on his contract that still owes him $100 million dollars.  There are questions surrounding his health , a MLB investigation and a possible lifetime ban regarding his ties to Biogenesis.

“There is more than one party who does not want to see me come back, it’s not my fellow players and not Yankees fans.”

With a possible life time suspension looming from Major League Baseball. Saturday could be the last game ever played by A-Rod.  Saturday,  he has a workout with the Yankees and then it’s on to Chicago to join the Bombers on Monday. That is all contingent upon the ruling of MLB which could happen Sunday or Monday.