Parrot snatched by armed robber in the Bronx found by police

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THE BRONX (PIX11) – Ana Marte was all smiles, thankful to finally be reunited at last with four-year-old Cuca , her pet parrot.

“I’m happy and thank everyone,” Marte said.

Cuca, Marte says, is not only a companion but also helps take care of her. She describes how the bird reminds her every morning to take her medication.

“Cuca Medication!” is what Marte says the bird calls out to her.

Marte was devastated when the bird was ripped from her hands Monday afternoon by this Darryl Walker.

She said she thought Walker followed her into her building on Washington Avenue in the Bronx for the jewelry she was wearing.

Instead, caught on surveillance camera you can see Walker following Marte out of the elevator and holding her up at gunpoint, demanding the bird.

More video surveillance and the police department’s Viper cameras caught Walker taking off, walking into an adjacent building.

Police arrested Walker the following day at his home, but it took a bit longer to track down Cuca, who old and not recovered until today.

“They should throw him in jail,” Marte said.

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