WATCH IT: Man selling bogus Beyonce tickets sees Help Me Howard and BOLTS into traffic

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Here’s a good lesson.  If you need to buy tickets and you can’t get them at the box office, spend a little extra and go to a bona fide ticket reseller like Stub Hub.  Why? Because you know you’ll get real tickets.

Elton Wong didn’t do that. He’s a big Beyonce fan. So he went to Craigslist to see if he could get tickets for her show at the Barclay’s Center this Saturday. He paid for $800 for four tickets, he told me a bit sheepishly.

They looked like great seats. But Elton had suspicions.

“I compared it with my old Ticketmaster tickets and they looked different, “Elton told me. “And then I called Ticketmaster and asked them what the event code was. And I compared it with the code on the counterfeit ones and they didn’t match. And that’s when they told me, ‘you have counterfeit tickets.’”

Elton decided to try his own little ruse. He set up an email account for a friend and then contacted the NYPD. But he says they weren’t really interested. So his friend suggested he get in touch with me.  And I was happy to try to find the worm selling the fake tickets.


Suspect sold counterfeit Beyonce concert tickets on Craigslist.

So we got Elton’s friend, Wilma to make contact. She set up a meet to buy four tickets for the same price. The spot was at 23rd and 3rd in Manhattan.  And it just so happened there was a movie shoot setting up there at the same time.  So when the bogus ticket seller arrived, he never noticed me or my cameraman, John.

He asked Wilma to walk down the street.  I followed, came up behind and introduced myself. You’ve got to check out the video to see what happened next. This twerp took off like a jackrabbit. He ran right out into traffic and almost got hit by a truck.

He got away. But Elton and Wilma learned an expensive lesson. As Wilma put it, when it comes to tickets, “No Craigslist.”

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