Eliot Spitzer refuses to deny alleged affair amid girlfriend rumors

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – On PIX11’s News Closeup with Marvin Scott, Eliot Spitzer again refused to deny girlfriend rumors, despite multiple questions about the alleged affair. Spitzer would not answer questions about his marriage, despite his wife Silda being conspicuously absent from his campaign while the two remain separated.  Here is a transcript of a portion of that interview:

Scott: When Anthony Weiner resigned from congress and we heard about his sexting scandal… we thought we heard all of it until the revelations of a couple of weeks ago. Now you fessed up after it was revealed that you were dealing with prostitutes. With 38 days now remaining before the primary is there scandalous about Eliot Spitzer we’re going to here between now and September 10th?

Eliot Spitzer refuses to deny alleged affair amid rumors of new girlfriendSpitzer:  No and look . . . I appreciate your strong distinction when the issues were raised five years ago. I looked into the camera’s eye — the public’s eye — (and) I took ownership of the issue, I resigned. It’s now been five years. I’ve been forthright about those issues . For weeks I have answered all the questions that were relevant . . . that were appropriate.  I’ve done that over and over. We are now at a phase in the campaign where I hope we are focusing on what you rightly refer to as the issues that matter.

Scott: Would you respond to the reports that are out today that you are having an extra marital affair?

Spitzer: Look I have said repeatedly (that) I have answered all of the relevant questions. We are now done responding to every rumor in your window that is out there. What I have done is answer for weeks — indeed, for years — the relevant questions and we’ve done that.  Now we are pivoting to things the public cares about.

Scott: Do you or do you not have a girlfriend?

Spitzer: Marvin there is a reason I’m not answering the question because we will not respond to every rumor and scandal . . . We are beyond that point.  We have answered all of the questions.

Scott: Do you reject these rumors?

Spitzer:  What I say is they are no longer relevant to the campaign I’m running.

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