Does Gangemi campaign owe its workers? Howard investigates

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You think the Spitzer and Weiner campaigns have problems?  Well, they do. But at least they have a lot of money to spend on their races.

John Gangemi is running in the Democratic primary. He wants to be the next boss of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Borough President.  Gangemi is a prominent Bay Ridge  attorney. He’s a former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney and a New York Assistant Attorney General.

But we’ve spoken with at least half a dozen campaign workers who say they haven’t been paid in full for their efforts.

Two of them are Nathaniel Grant and John Bennett. They were hired to gather nominating petition signatures.  They were actually hired by Grant’s brother, a candidate in another race.  Political campaigns share the expense of workers these days.

“Someone told us from John Gangemi’s campaign that we would be working for  1o dollars an hour,”  Nathaniel told me. “Oh they gave us the runaround! There was all types of stories, (they said) the petition’s are fraud. You guys didn’t howarddo a good job with the petitions, Yet still the petitions are in the board of elections.”

“It was not right,” Bennett says.” Havin us workin’ and we was not getting paid for it.”

So we went with them to Gangemi’s campaign headquarters. We were told the candidate wasn’t around.  But speaking for the campaign was a guy named Miles.  We’d been told that Miles hired a number of the workers.

Howard: Miles what is your title?

Miles: My title? i don’t have a title.

Howard: So who am I talking to? Why are you being the spokesperson? What do you do for the candidate?

Miles: Make sure that we win.

Howard: Oh you’re the make sure that we win guy?

Miles: Yeah, I’m the make sure that we win guy.”

You get the idea how this went. Anyway, Miles said there was an investigation underway.

But later, I got a call from the guy effectively running the Gangemi campaign these days, Dom Crispino.  He said that John Bennett may be entitled to more money. But he said Nathaniel hadn’t done the required work. And there were questions about signatures not properly witnessed.

We’ll have more on this one.

Oh, and did I mentioned that Dom Crispino, the guy running the political campaign for a former assistant DA and Assistant USA, is a disbarred ex-attorney with a record who does a radio show on Howard Stern’s satellite radio channel?

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    Great reporting! this is a tip of the iceberg, please continue to dig there is a history of gangemi not paying bills. There is a reason that his campaign has struggled with raising money…….. I would also look into the donations, some might not be real, in order to get matching finds

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