Bill Thompson is campaigning for 24 hours straight

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In the city that never sleeps one candidate for Mayor is trying to prove he fits right in.

A mayoral candidate not named Weiner is making a big splash on social media today.  Bill Thompson is hitting the campaign trail for 24 straight hours to reach out to voters across all five boroughs.

Bill Thompson started his day campaigning at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at 7:45 this morning.  Then he met with voters at the Roosevelt Avenue subway station and he won’t stop meeting with voters until after 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.  Thompson says the 24-hour campaign push is an effort to show New Yorkers he’ll work day and night for them if he wins the race for City Hall.

“I’m going to be out there for 24 hours and honestly what’s going to keep me awake?” asked Thompson. “(It’s) the story of those people, talking to those people about the future of New York City.”

For more than 24-hours straight, Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson is visiting all five boroughs to talk to voters and raise awareness for his campaign.

Of the four democratic front runners for mayor, Thompson has had arguably the least coverage in the media.  Yet, according to recent poll numbers, the former New York City Comptroller sits in a virtual tie for second place with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, just a few percentage points behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

And unlike that guy sitting in fourth place, who’s captured most of the media attention and seen his campaign crack thanks to social media scandals, Thompson is hoping to use the twitter hashtag 24Thompson to drum up some momentum with voters.

“They’re concerned about what the next mayor is going to do to make New York City better, to help improve their lives.  That’s what people are concerned about.  I think that a lot of these other things that pop up each and every day, those are distractions.  And I think in the end the people of New York City are going to be able to weed through the distractions and focus on what’s important to the city.”

And whether they’re waiting at senior center in the Bronx, a house in Staten Island, following Thompson throughout the city, or following along online, voters seemed to appreciate the visit and the chance to clarify exactly where the candidate stands, especially on key issues like stop and frisk.

“I think it’s great.  Yes they need to come out so we can ask questions and get some idea of what they intend to do,” said Gloria Wright of the Bronx.

“So what he’s doing now is the real, real kick-off for his campaign and I am happy to have him in my home on Staten Island,” said Jerome O’Donovan of Staten Island.

As for that key issue of stop and frisk, Thompson was asked about it at several of the campaign stops along the way.  He says he believes it is a useful police tool but that it’s been abused by the current administration.  And the chances are he’ll have to answer questions about his stance on the police as he continues his 24-hour push through the night into the early hours of the morning.