Report: A-Rod tries to strike deal with MLB to avoid threat of lifetime ban

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Baseball commissioner Bud Selig could ban Alex Rodriguez from baseball and it could happen as early as Thursday according to published reports. But while the Yankees 3rd baseman continues to rehab following off-season hip surgery in Tampa, there are also reports that Alex Rodriguez may be trying to cut a deal with Major League Baseball.

The possible suspension or lifetime ban comes out of the Biogenesis investigation. It involves a Miami anti-aging clinic that MLB says provided performance enhancing drugs to A-Rod and about 20 other players. On Tuesday, baseball informed the players union of their findings and the suspensions. A-Rod used performance enhancing drugs from 2010 to 2012 according to Biogenisis documents released earlier this year by the Miami New Times.

Rodriguez has never been punished for doping and would normally be subject to a 50-game suspension but the commissioner may discipline him under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for trying to sabotage the investigation into Biogenisis. That move could block any appeal from A-rod that would allow him to return to the Yankees and play while the appeals process was going forward.

PIX 11 asked New Yorkers what they think Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig should do.

Elizabeth Henne, who was  across the street from the Yankee Store on 42nd Street, believes Rodriguez should be banned from baseball.

“I think he is a bad symbol for little kids who want to play sports cause they have been looking up to him for so many years and they find out… could he really hit a baseball, I don’t know because he was juiced up all the time,” she said.

But outside the store Grantley Vickers and Raymond Negron held a different view.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” Vickers said. “People make mistakes sometimes.”

“Pete Rose only bet 1 time, well a few times and he was banned, so why not A-Rod,” Negron said.

A-Rod said he would not seek a deal but would fight any suspension now it looks like he may be singing a different tune. He could be motivated by trying to save a portion of the approximately $100 million dollars he is owed on his Yankees contract. He is expected to continue rehabbing Friday with a game in Trenton.