Weiner’s new ad may be a turning point for his campaign

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(NEW YORK CITY) – If one thinks Anthony Weiner might be bowing out of the Mayor’s race.

Think again.

Weiner has unveiled a new campaign ad. While the cosmetic make-up and the tone is conversational and straightforward to voters the message is scrappy.  A defiant Weiner conveying that he is not throwing in the towel, because “quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City.”

What is the takeaway from this new ad?  Basil Smikle, who worked on Mayor Bloomberg’s reelection campaign in 2009, says that Weiner unfiltered plays to the 48-year-old’s greatest strength of  selling himself to voters, “He’s actually a really good retail politician, but now he’s got to spend money to talk to voters directly without the interference of the media, without the interference of pundits. It’s his his conversation with the voters.

However, the video which was released late Tuesday night on the campaign’s website was somewhat overshadowed on Wednesday by a report on the political site TPM, which stands for Talking Points Memo.

It centers on Weiner’s Communications Director Barbara Morgan and her response to former intern Olivia Nuzzi’s unflattering tell all to the Daily News.

Here’s a sample of Morgan’s response to Nuzzi’s comments as well as the former interns come hither pose in the Daily News,“F—ing s—bag. Nice f—ing glamour shot on the cover of the Daily News. Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again,” Morgan reportedly said.

Seconds later Morgan erupted with a volcanic tirade after the intern questioned her credentials in the article, “F— you, you little c—. I’m not joking, I am going to sue her.”

Morgan ultimately apologized to the former intern.

Nuzzi, who also uses the aforementioned come hither snapshot as her avatar, relished in it telling her more than 3,000 followers that of course she accepts it.

However, Morgan’s fiery spirit may prove to be beneficial to her boss.  Keep in mind Weiner is a political spitfire.  Who can forget the disgraced former congressman delivering this epic performance on the hill in 2010?

“It is a shame… A shame,” he screamed on the floor of the U.S. Capitol.

However, more importantly what Morgan’s outburst has done is pivot the messaging away from what has crippled Weiner’s campaign for more than a week.

Which is the real reason as to why he went from 1st to 4th in the polls, “We’re not talking about Weiner and the sexting scandal we’re talking about staff and process which is actually a far better story,” says Smikel who then adds that it’s, “Much better for him because it also signals that perhaps the stories about the sexting scandals are starting to die down a little bit, and now we can focus on other things.”

The primary is less than six weeks away.



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    Hey…Mario Diaz…you are a PERVERT and by saying it is your job to ask questions about Weiner’s sex life is a lie and you are a LIAR!!! I use to respect you, you use to ask question that means something to people. Unemployment, gun control, HIV, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs why not ask about that. If you are not having sex don’t get mad at others because they are!!! Get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT and get some back bone and say no to your job and yes to the issues.

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