Weiner spokeswoman unloads foul rant at former intern as NYC mayoral circus continues

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – While Anthony Weiner was staying on message with a new campaign commercial, his messenger was stirring controversy of her own.   Her foul-mouth tirade over an intern deflected some of the focus away from the sex-scandalized candidate.  Six weeks before the Mayoral Primary, his campaign is being likened to a three-ring circus.

In he center ring is the man who would be mayor, trying desperately to shake the scandal behind him. In ring number 2 is Sydney Leathers, the woman whose cashing in on her raunchy cyber tryst with Weiner. And in ring number three is Barbara Morgan, Weiner’s media flak who is taking flak over an explosive rant with a former intern.  As the new controversy was reaching a boiling point, Weiner released a new campaign ad in which he says he is staying in the race and hopes to be able to serve the people of New York. “Sometimes people say to me ‘you know this campaign is pretty rough, you may wanna quit.’ Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City,” Weiner says in a sincere voice, eyeballing the camera.

But his latest appeal to voters was overshadowed by a foul-mouthed explosive tirade his communications director Barbara Morgan had over a former intern’s unflattering tell-all to the Daily News.

She lashes out to Olivia Nuzzi with a barrage of expletives and threatens, “man, see if you ever get a job in this town again.”

Morgan finally backed down and apologized, noting, “In a moment of frustration, I used inappropriate language in what I thought was an off-the-record conversation. I was wrong and I am very sorry.”  Nuzzi accepted the apology.

While all this was going on, Sydney Leathers, who was yesterdays media darling revealing all her dirty little secrets about Weiner’s sexting with her, was nowhere to be seen.  She was busy doing business, cashing in on her pornographic relationship with Anthony Weiner, including possibly doing a porn movie about their cybersex tryst.

WATCH the video for the expletive-filled rant (Warning: graphic language).


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  • Victor Rodriguez

    I am so sick of the media focusing on Weiner’s sex life. What does his sex life has to do with him running New York. You media people are SICK!!!!! Other Nations are looking at us as PERVERTS, for going after people and focusing on what they do in bed and how they do it, THAT IS SICK!!! How do you sleep at night? The Bronx has the highest rate of unemployment and HIV, now how does Weiner’s sex life makes any of these situations any better. FOCUS!!!

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