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NYC bars are dropping Russian booze to protest Putin’s anti-gay policies

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You won’t find any Russian Vodka at Boxers Gay Bar in Chelsea. In it’s place, there’s anger and frustration over the new anti-gay laws in Russia.

“Hopefully get some results, they soften the laws or backdown on the laws,” said Boxers co-owner Rob Hynds.

There is also anger in Moscow over laws that ban same sex couples from adopting Russian-born children, also laws that reportedly allow police to arrest foreigners they suspect as being “pro gay”.

Columbia Adjunct Professor and LGBT activist said the laws are dangerous.

“You can’t speak about who you are or anything related to LGBT issues,” said Tania Domi.

At G lounge in Chelsea, owner Michael McGrail, stripped his shelves of Stoli Vodka on Monday.

“Once one person speaks out it can create an unlimited amount of awareness,” said McGrail.

In response to the protests,

Stoli posted a letter on it’s website affirming it’s support and friendship with the LGBT community.

At the Russian Vodka Room, the manager called the laws horrible, but said a protest on Russian vodka is just not reasonable.

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