‘Sext’ pal Leathers enjoys the public eye as Weiner tanks in the polls

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – When Sydney Leathers revealed to the website The Dirty.Com that she had a lewd cyber relationship with Anthony Weiner after he resigned Congress in disgrace, she said she wanted to remain anonymous.  But within hours of her tale going viral and sending Weiner’s mayoral aspirations into a downward spiral, she decided to surface and enjoy her 15 minutes of fame.  She posted pictures of herself in various poses and showed off her many tattoos.  They she surfaced on television. Next, she posed for photographers in a bikini on the beach. Before you knew it, she had a press agent and a ticket to New York to appear on the Howard Stern Show.

Leathers was following the path of so many other women at the center of sex scandals. Donna Rice did a jeans commercial after her relationship with Gary Hart in 1987 toppled his presidential aspirations.

Monica Lewinsky sold a line of handbags after her tryst with President Clinton got him impeached. Rielle Hunter did a photo shoot and interviews after revealing presidential candidate John Edwards fathered her child.  Ashley Dupre went from the front page of the NY Post to a coveted position inside as a columnist after she revealed Eliot Spitzer was her Client #9.

Chloe Melas, Senior Reporter for EntertainmentLife.com told PIX 11 News that she feels Sydney Leathers 15 minutes of fame will be short-lived, that she has to capitalize on her celebrity now because she’ll be forgotten in a matter of weeks.  “Her photo shoot in a bikini was all wrong,” she quipped.