What Fathead decided to make Obesity a Disease? – Larry Mendte

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One day this summer 100 million people came down with the same disease, all at the same time.  It happened in late June, when the delegates of The American Medical Association made the bonehead decision to classify obesity as a disease.

Their bleeding hearts are in the right place.  They wanted to call national attention to a growing problem that causes a long list of real diseases.

But more than anything else they want money.  The AMA is made of of doctors and medical administrators who stand to make a lot of money if insurance companies are forced to pay for treatments and procedures to fight obesity in America.  That means higher premiums for you and me.

The truth is the number one way to deal with obesity has nothing to do with medical treatments, but societal changes.  At the same time we are encouraged to live a more sedate life style in front of a TV or computer, we are also encouraged to eat highly processed, chemically enhanced, hormone injected, corn syrup sweetened, full of fat, glow in the dark foods.  Obesity isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom of a disease called living like an American.

Who exactly is obese?  The AMA says anyone with a BMI, body mass index, 30 or over.  But many people with a 30 plus BMI are perfectly healthy in every other respect.  Are they diseased?

That’s not to say that obesity isn’t an awful thing, but so is drowning.  You don’t label it a disease because people can’t swim.

You know who are the most upset about the AMA decision?  Fat people, specifically a group called the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.  The group claims the AMA decision stigmatizes people with weight issues.  A popular hash tag on Twitter is #Iamnotadisease.

The AMA made its ruling against the advice of its own experts, who cautioned against the move.  So why did they do it?  Did I mention the money?  Weight loss is a 66 billion dollar business.  It could be even more lucrative, if only someone could come up with a way to get you and I to pay for it.  You know, like calling it a disease.